The ITS Arizona Board has organized a number of schools and teachers throughout the valley that are interested in having professionals in the engineering industry come talk to their classes during Engineers Week (February 19-25)! Kids are getting excited about engineering!

The classroom visits are anticipated to include an introduction to engineering and the ITS field and a hands on activity to connect to the engineering process.

We are calling on those involved in the ITS or transportation community to visit a classroom in your area of town on the day of your availability to help participate in classrooms to celebrate Engineers Week in February. Below is what we have set up for volunteerism opportunities. The days are fairly flexible and the times are flexible as well. We are looking for a minimum of two volunteers for each location to step up to go show some elementary, junior high, or high school classes how cool engineering is and how they should follow in our footsteps!

We have everything prepped for what to do when you volunteer in a classroom, just need professionals like YOU in the engineering industry to go represent!!!

Who will volunteer? Please email directly by February 8th (next Thursday) and let’s find a classroom that fits your availability!