Event: Connected and Automated Vehicle Education (CAVe)-in-a-box Training and Demonstration
Date: April 22, 2024
Location: Phoenix Convention Center – 100 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm MST
Registration: https://cavetrainingphx.eventbrite.com



Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) offer significant opportunities to save lives. Many of these technologies are available today, and pioneering States, cities, and private industry leaders across the country are already investing in 21st century solutions to make vehicles and roadways safer. Both in-vehicle technologies and infrastructure-based safety systems can help prevent crashes before they happen, with technologies like automatic crash notification, emergency vehicle preemption at intersections, and real-time data sharing all helping to speed recovery after an incident occurs. However, full-scale deployment of these technologies can be quite a big investment that many agencies cannot easily afford or cannot justify without proving the benefits on a small-scale deployment.


FHWA created the CAV education (CAVe)-in-a-box tool to represent an interconnected set of intelligent transportation system (ITS) equipment that co-operate to enable development, testing, and deployment of CAV applications. CAVe-in-a-box is a compact and mobile tool that maintains interconnection, usability, reliability, and portability, allowing easy access for State and local transportation agencies for the hands-on deployment, education, testing, and understanding application of ITS concepts.


Training Details

This training will provide an overview of the portable CAVe-in-a-box tool, its importance for CAV education, its proven use cases and applications, and discuss how this low-cost tool enables deployment of ITS. Additionally, the training will provide use cases such as work zone management and pedestrian detection at intersections, in which the tool can provide instant safety benefits. The portability of the tool makes it a great fit for work zones as the agency can easily transport it to and set it up at different locations. The portability also allows the agencies to test and implement the ITS technology on various remote areas without commitment of a large investment. Finally, this training will highlight the use of CAVe-in-a-box to collect and communicate the data in near real time to enable visualization and analysis of such data.