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Employment Opportunities with Town of Gilbert

Town of Gilbert has an exciting job opportunities for Town Traffic Engineer and Traffic Systems Engineer.

Town Traffic Engineer

The Town Traffic Engineer must be innovative, driven and passionate about providing safe and efficient transportation to the people of Gilbert.  Ideal candidates for the position will possess a balance of technical competency and interpersonal skills needed to maintain and build on the quality of the Town’s traffic system.  The Town Traffic Engineer directs and promotes activities of the Traffic Engineering Section including Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Operations Center. They work in partnership with Town’s CIP Section as part of the Engineering Division of Public Works. They play a vital role in prioritizing and reviewing new street and traffic signal projects in the CIP program on an annual basis. They oversee the management of our traffic operations by overseeing traffic operations and signal timing studies, traffic operations projects and the review and implementation of the traffic management system plan and related technologies. They represents the Public Works Department as a liaison to other Town departments, other government agencies, the public, other interest groups, and associations. They participate and lead coordination with other agencies in Traffic and ITS infrastructure. The Town Traffic Engineer will play an important role in providing the vision and direction of the future transportation and intelligent transportation systems for Gilbert.

Salary: $89,114.05 – $133,671.08 Annually
Location: Muni II 90 E. Civic Center Dr. 85296, AZ
Department: Public Works
Job Number: 19-0169
Closing 7/21/2019 11:59 PM Arizona

For more information and to apply click here.

Traffic Systems Engineer

The Traffic Systems Engineer performs administrative and supervisory tasks in visioning, planning, organizing, and collaborating with the Traffic Operations Group. Responsibilities include oversight as part of the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of the Town’s traffic signals and system. Responsibilities include oversight as part of the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of the Town’s traffic signals and system. The Traffic Systems Engineer collects data, performs field visits, utilizes signal analysis software such as Synchro, to optimize, implement and adjust signal timing on a regular basis. Helps to identify and prioritize traffic signal projects to include in the CIP by conducting, assisting, and reviewing signal warrant analysis and other traffic studies. Reviews traffic studies, capacity analysis, and traffic signal system designs related to CIP/Development projects. Responds promptly and professionally to Town management and council, staff, and public inquiries, concerns, and complaints regarding signal timing issues, delays, and other signal related concerns. Coordinates traffic signal related efforts with other adjacent or nearby municipalities. 

Salary: $60,248.00 – $90,372.00 Annually
Location: Muni II 90 E. Civic Center Dr. 85296, AZ
Job Type: Full Time
Department: Public Works
Job Number: 19-0188
Closing: 7/28/2019 11:59 PM Arizona

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ITS Arizona Won ITS America’s Outstanding State Chapter Award!!

ITS America has recognized ITS Arizona as the outstanding state chapter in Division II. ITS America honored ITS AZ at the 2019 ITS America Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC. The award is a recognition of ITS AZ efforts in strong and engaging chapter governance, significant impact via networking, outreach, and advocacy effective organization and professional development.

With a strong membership, volunteers and leadership on the board,  ITS Arizona conducts social and networking events regularly to promote collaboration among our members. Our networking events provide a means for members to meet and interact outside a work environment. Our social events include several service events which provide the opportunity to use our platform to bring positive change to society and promote social consciousness amongst our members. We use e-mail and website to inform our members about new developments in our industry, webinars and other training opportunities for our members. Through job posting services, we promote new opportunities available for students and working professionals. We regularly partner with other professional organizations such as Arizona ITE, Arizona International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) and WTS for joint meetings, social events and student internship sponsorships.

Thanks to all the members, and volunteers for this national level recognition!!


MCDOT TSMO Laboratory for Technology Verification and validation Processes

Maricopa County DOT (MCDOT) is seeking information from industry, academia, and other government transportation agencies about successful practices, methods, and strategies that have been used to proactively test, verify and validate new and emerging technologies within an environment of legacy equipment. MCDOT is also seeking information about processes and testing methodologies to evaluate existing equipment and operations strategies, and proactively monitor the performance of data exchanges.

Vendor Bids must be submitted through BidSync only. Vendors must view or download all attached forms prior to submitting bids.

Times listed for pre-bid meetings, Q and A, and Bid Close are in Mountain Standard Time.

Award is made at the sole discretion of the solicitation issuing Department.  Maricopa County reserves the right to award in full or in part to a single vendor or multiple vendors.

All questions must be submitted through BidSync ONLY by the date and time listed in the bid.

For more information, please visit BidSync.


Employment Opportunity with Arizona DOT

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has an exciting opportunity for the position of Transportation Engineering Specialist (Job ID: 47228). The Transportation Engineering Specialist collects and evaluates traffic flow and operations field data. Reviews permit applications, temporary traffic control plans and to reviews other sign and markings and responds to general public comment/questions. 

Location:  6989 E. 2ND St, Prescott Valley AZ 86314 or 1109 Commerce Drive, Prescott AZ

Salary: $53,680.00-63,688.00 yearly

Applications accepted until: 06/13/2019

For more information please contact Stephen Rice 602-712-7279 or

To apply please visit




Employment Opportunity with Maricopa County DOT

Maricopa County Department of Transportation has an exciting employment opportunity for the position of Arterial Mobility Analyst. The Arterial Mobility Analyst promotes arterial mobility through the use of advanced traffic management systems, traffic incident management (TIM) processes and traveler information sharing.

Salary $18.64 – $35.00 Hourly
Location Phoenix, AZ
Job Type Unclassified/Full-Time
Job Number 640AMA052819
Closing 6/3/2019 11:59 PM Arizona
Visit page or click here to go the job posting page.